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UK Universities Increase Sustainability Degree Options

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UK Universities Increase Sustainability Degree Options - Shaping a Sustainable Future.

As global environmental & sustainability challenges intensify, UK universities are responding by expanding their sustainability degree offerings. At Search², a specialist in Sustainability & ESG recruitment, we believe in supporting and highlighting educational institutions dedicated to fostering the next generation of environmental & sustainability leaders.

Top Universities for Undergraduate Sustainability Courses

Recent data from’s green energy experts reveals which UK universities are at the forefront of sustainability education. Here are the leaders:

  1. University of St Andrews - 29 courses

  2. University of Warwick - 13 courses

  3. University of the Highlands and Islands & University of Essex - 9 courses each

  4. University of Wales Trinity Saint David - 7 courses

  5. Falmouth University, Staffordshire University, Queen Mary University of London - 6 courses each

The University of St Andrews tops the list with 29 sustainability courses, demonstrating a profound commitment to environmental education. Their offerings range from Psychology and Sustainable Development to Biology and Sustainable Development, and even Art History and Sustainable Development. The University of Warwick follows with 13 courses, while the University of the Highlands and Islands and the University of Essex each offer nine courses.

Leading Universities for Postgraduate Sustainability Courses

When it comes to postgraduate sustainability education, the following universities are leading:

  1. University of Wales Trinity Saint David & University of Edinburgh - 13 courses each

  2. University College London & Abertay University - 11 courses each

  3. University of Exeter & University of Strathclyde - 10 courses each

  4. University of Leeds - 9 courses

  5. University of East London - 8 courses

The University of Wales Trinity Saint David and the University of Edinburgh each offer 13 postgraduate sustainability courses, preparing students to become experts in the field. University College London and Abertay University are close behind with 11 courses each, showcasing their dedication to advanced sustainability education.

Top Universities for Distance/Online Postgraduate Sustainability Courses

For those seeking flexibility, these universities offer the most distance/online postgraduate sustainability courses:

  1. University of Wales Trinity Saint David - 6 courses

  2. University of Edinburgh - 4 courses

  3. SOAS University of London & Falmouth University - 3 courses each

  4. University of Leeds & University of Manchester - 2 courses each

  5. Various universities offering 1 course each, including Robert Gordon University, Cranfield University, and the University of Sussex

The University of Wales Trinity Saint David stands out with six online courses, making sustainability education accessible to a wider audience. The University of Edinburgh follows with four courses, and SOAS University of London and Falmouth University each offer three courses.

Leading Universities for Part-Time Postgraduate Sustainability Courses

For part-time postgraduate studies, the following universities lead the way:

  1. University of Edinburgh - 5 courses

  2. SOAS University of London - 3 courses

  3. University of York & University of Oxford - 2 courses each

  4. Various universities offering 1 course each, including Cranfield University and Birkbeck, University of London

The University of Edinburgh offers the highest number of part-time courses, with five options available, catering to students who need flexibility. SOAS University of London provides three courses, and both York and Oxford offer two courses each, supporting students balancing their studies with other commitments.


At Search², we are passionate about connecting talented individuals with opportunities in sustainability and ESG sectors. The universities listed above are playing a crucial role in shaping the future by offering extensive and diverse sustainability education programs. Whether you are seeking undergraduate, postgraduate, online, or part-time courses, these institutions provide a range of options to meet your educational and career goals in sustainability.

Explore these universities to find the right path for you, and let Search² help you embark on a fulfilling career in sustainability and ESG.

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