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We enable the world and workplace to thrive through HSEQ recruitment.

Zac Wilson - Search² - Health and Safety Recruiter UK - "Health and Safety Recruiters", "Health and safety recruitment agencies"

Zac Wilson

"Having spent the best part of a decade (turns out recruitment is like dog years!) working for one of the leading health and safety recruitment agencies in the UK, I became one of the company's all-time top performers, placing over 500 professionals in HSE, ESG, Risk & Quality roles and leading a team of specialist recruiters through the company's sale.

Employers shared with me that they were becoming disenfranchised with some of the traditional methods and the transactional nature of the recruitment agencies that they were working with. 

They were being sold a service by one person, and being delivered the service by another. Passed from person to person, lacking in communication and most importantly results. 

On top of that, they were being charged astronomical recruitment fees based on the brand and company name of the agency. 

They were getting fed up with dealing with agencies that prioritised profit over process. 


Here is a trade secret for you - recruitment agencies all use the same tools. The differentiator is in the individuals that you partner with.

I really believe that there is a revolution happening across the service industries currently, particularly in recruitment.


Companies are choosing to work with bespoke providers who move heaven and earth to get them results, and candidates are preferring to partner with recruiters that genuinely care about their careers.


We have a crystal clear plan on growing to serve more employers and job seekers, without diluting our level of service.


We consciously don't aim to be the biggest, but we do aim to be the best recruitment agency in Health and Safety, ESG, Risk & Quality"





Our values and behaviours

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Search² stands for Safety, Environment and Risk Critical Hires - combining what we do with our specialisms. 

In mathematics, a square number is the product of a number multiplied by itself. Also known as the perfect square. 


Applied to HSEQ recruitment, we believe that the impact of the HSEQ profession is a result of the people in it. 


The more value an organisation places on its safety, environment and risk functions the higher the commercial and ethical return.



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