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Rise in Health and Safety Incidents: Redcar and Cleveland Council Report Reveals 20% Increase

Updated: Apr 29

Redcar & Cleveland Bo

In a recent report by the Redcar and Cleveland Council, concerning figures regarding health and safety incidents among council staff have surfaced, revealing a concerning 20% increase. These statistics shed light on the challenges faced by the council in maintaining a safe working environment for its employees. Let's delve deeper into the details of this report and what it means for both the council and its workforce.

The report discloses that between April of the previous year and February of the current year, the council logged a total of 83 accidents across all directorates and services. This figure marks a notable increase from the previous year, where only 69 incidents were reported during the same period. Shockingly, this accounts for a significant surge of 20.2%.

The analysis of these incidents reveals that changes in recording systems within educational settings contributed significantly to the rise in accidents. Specifically, the report highlights that ten additional accident reports were attributed to alterations in recording practices in schools and colleges.

This change underscores the importance of robust and consistent reporting mechanisms to accurately assess and address workplace safety issues.

Furthermore, the breakdown of accident figures paints a vivid picture of the most common risks faced by council staff. Slip and trip incidents topped the list, with 20 reported cases, followed closely by accidents involving individuals being struck by moving, flying, or falling objects, totaling 16 incidents.

Additionally, the report highlights another concerning trend of physical assaults against council employees. Between April and February of the current year, 41 assaults were documented, with 12 resulting in personal injuries. Such incidents not only pose immediate risks to staff safety but also raise questions about the overall security measures within council premises.

One particularly alarming revelation from the report is the significant impact of these incidents on workforce productivity and well-being. A total of 250 days of absence were recorded during the stated period, directly attributed to injuries sustained at work. This highlights the broader repercussions of workplace accidents, extending beyond immediate physical harm to include financial and operational implications for the council.

The rise in health and safety incidents within the Redcar and Cleveland Council serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing challenges in maintaining a safe working environment. As the council addresses the underlying causes of these incidents, it must prioritize the well-being and safety of its employees. By implementing robust preventive measures and fostering a culture of safety awareness, the council can work towards mitigating risks and ensuring the welfare of its workforce.


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